Giaa Collection


What you create Is A Piece Of Earth…Dream on



Gretchen Fernandez is a stylish designer with a goal and purpose, for each item created is a significant expression of life, freedom, and an individual style revelation. Each piece of jewelry, handbag, wall hanger, stylist blouse and pair of pants are gifted with a handwritten message by Gretchen at the moment she finishes the piece. This brings a special connection with the person who receives the design.  

Born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Gretchen began to create with any material that was presented in front of her as well as other materials she inherited from her grandmother. Gretchen has always been a free spirit and has developed a personal style in which her passion was created. She has been a spiritual seeker since her youth and is intuitive in her path of life and connection to nature, both Mother Earth and God’s creations. Respectfully, she only uses her gifted creations as an opportunity to bring happiness, charm and good vibes to those that receive her designs. 

Gretchen decided to study at the Lisa Thon School of Fashion in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Once finished, she decided to study in the Dominican Republic and Spain where she expanded her designs to handbags and shoes. She loved each experience because it brought her rich, creative inspirations.

GIAA is not just a brand name but a brand with a powerful meaning, Gretchen Individual Art of Angels.  Her designs and creations began to make appearances in fashion shows, modeling and publicity advertisements, and at boutiques in Puerto Rico. Due to the uniqueness of the style and art revelation, GIAA collection was presented at the Museum of Art at Puerto Rico (MAPR) and available for purchase at the museum store.

After she got married she moved to Canada with her family, her husband and two daughters. Living in the countryside and surrounded by nature was a unique opportunity to nurture, regain herself, and prepare to give back. Those years living in Canada was a retreat for her to deepen and gain new perspectives for designs. 

Now, they live in Texas and her family has become one of her biggest inspirations. Her brand has evolved into more than just jewelry and handbags but also now includes home accents, yoga clothing, and wall hanging decor. Her work is being sold at trade shows around the country and is now being brought to you online! She desires to reach a larger audience to showcase her beautiful art that has a spiritual healing for each person and to know that we are all unique in the ways we are blessed in.